Love the concept of Ramp, which just came out of stealth after a $25M funding round.

Ramp | The Corporate Card Built for Savings
Grow more. Waste less. Enterprise corporate cards built from the ground up to save your company money: issue unlimited cards and eliminate overspend with our advanced savings reports and 1.5% cash back on everything.

It's a corporate card, which not only provides you cash back (1.5%) and partner rewards ($175k including lots of services startups use like AWS, Notion, Twilio, Google Ads and Sendgrid):

but most importantly analyses the company's spendings.

With AI & Machine Learning, it can surface where the company could save money - duplicate subscriptions, cashbacks not leveraged, etc...

As the solution matures, I imagine it will then also be able to go deeper and flag anomalies, help with categorisation of spend and reconciliation with other systems, etc..

It's US-only for now, but hope to see the concept coming across to Europe 🇪🇺🤞🏼

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