Here are handy tools I use when dealing with CSS files:

CSS Beautifier

Free Online CSS Beautifier / Formatter -
This free online tool lets you beautify/format your CSS code with no side effects

When you have a single line CSS file 🙄

From this:

to that:


Diff Checker
Diffchecker is an online diff tool to compare text to find the difference between two text files

When you need to check the difference between 2 CSS files.

I once heavily changed the wrong CSS file, so had to do code cleanup by extracting the changes 😅

I used this tool and tasked a freelancer to do the work, by sharing the link with him:

More about how to outsource tasks here:

#CareerPlaybook 009: Outsourcing Tasks (are you still doing everything yourself?)
Ultimately, it is not about doing everything oneself. Low-value tasks should be delegated. Tasks for which your skills are not good enough, should be delegated.


Devsync | Visually edit your CSS in-browser.
Visual design tool that live-sync’s CSS edits with your editor. Design quicker. Devsync uses the browser’s debugger to find your CSS and edit it in real time.

I have not tried it yet, but its premise is interesting:

Visually edit CSS with our Chrome extension. Live-sync the result with your code editor.