Youtube is obviously a great resource to learn a lot of things. Or just binge on whatever your version of cat videos is.

I use it mainly for deep diving into topics (from AI to archery) and watching keynotes & conference talks ๐Ÿค“

When I see a Youtube video that looks interesting though, most times I will simply download it for later viewing, rather than interrupt my flow and take my focus away.

For that, I have been using 4K Video Downloader for a long time now.

4K Video Downloader | Free Video Downloader for Pะก, macOS and Linux
The simplest video downloader, ever! Download video and audio from YouTube and similar services on macOS, PC and Linux absolutely for free!

Download in 2 clicks

I just copy the link to the video, click one button in 4KVD, and the video will download, and be added to my iTunes, syncing with my iPhone.

So with 2 clicks, I add videos to my local library, which I can watch on any device - phone, computer or TV (I catch up sometimes on these videos in the evening, on my AppleTV)

It works with entire channels too! Here is a quick demo:

Automated Youtube channels download

Though I am not using this feature (because it means having a YouTube account and donating my privacy in exchange ๐Ÿค“), if you have a Youtube account and you are subscribed to channels, you can have them download automatically (in your iTunes library if you wish so).

Helpful for meeting preparations

For example the other day, I had a consulting engagement for which I needed to travel by train.

This engagement required me to understand a business software I had never used before.

Before I left, with 2 clicks, I downloaded the entire Youtube channel of the software vendor - 30+ videos.

And watched them offline in the train on my way.

It also works with other sites which have videos embedded.


I always like to start getting to know a new app, by looking as the available settings (Preferences in macOS). Here they are:

All major setting here. And the ability to connect your Youtube account - if you have one - for automated downloads.
If you have limited bandwidth, you can cap how much 4KVD will use.
Behind the 1-click download, lies a setting, where you can define your output preferences.


The free version allows you to download only single videos, and shows ads.

An upgrade to Premium is $/โ‚ฌ15 - as one time fee (rare these days!) for 3 computers - removing the ads, and enabling you to download playlists.

It's definitely a very useful tool in my toolbox!

Hope 4KVD helps you make the best of what YouTube has to offer like it has for me all these years.

Are you using a different (and better) video downloader?